The soundness of Tegor Group is shown in its continuous growth aldo at international level.

This growth has come together with the important effort of the export department and supposes the presence in the most important trade shows of phytotherapy and Cosmetics worldwide, and also in the opening of distribution nets of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Today, the quality of the products by Tegor Group in its different divisions is known worldwide.

If you are interested in distributing our products or want to get in touch with any of the distributors from the counties mentioned, please contact our export department: export@tegor.com

Distribution and logistics

Distribution and logistics

One of the features Tegor Group considers especially important is client service with all it implies. An important sales net is in charge, all throughout the national geography, of its direct attention.

The most modern logistic systems and an organisation with the highest levels of efficiency allow all the clients receiving the requested products in the shortest time.

The customer service department promptly solves any problem and doubt that customers may have.

The perfect synchrony of all parties implied has allowed Tegor Group the highest quality levels regarding service and distribution, with a unique purpose: the highest client satisfaction.

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