Laboratorios Tegor

Laboratorios Tegor Laboratorios Tegor collects the best essence of natural medicine and combines it with the highest scientific rigor in order to obtain products of proven efficiency with the best raw materials, carefully selected and proceeding from different places of the world.
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Herboder HERBODER-NATURAL BEAUTY has collected the clues of beauty from Nature, in order to integrate them, by means of active ingredients of highest efficiency, in a Cosmetics line that provides the most complete attention to face, body and hair.
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Tegoder Cosmetics

Tegoder Cosmetics Tegoder Cosmetics is a complete Cosmetics line including face and body treatments. Its products are the reflex of the perfect harmony between the most modern and rigorous manufacturing processes with the most selected and exclusive active principles.
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Bioespaña Bioespaña is a line of food supplements based on natural ingredients, which provide the organism with very important active principles to combat beauty disorders of different kind.
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Phytobiodermie Phytobiodermie is a classic in the Cosmetics world. With more than three decades in the market, this Swiss brand distributed in Spain by TEGOR GROUP, offers exceptional results in face, body and hair care, thanks to really unique products and methodology.
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Anti Aging

Anti Aging Antiaging is a complete line of antiageing products of Laboratorios Lavigor to prevent the apparition of disorders typical of the passing of time and slow down physical and intellectual deterioration.
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Lavigor Laboratorios Lavigor, the medical-pharmaceutical division of Tegor Group, manufactures and commercialises products of proven efficiency in the fields of natural medicine, phytotherapy, homeopathy and cosmetics.
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Dr. Reckeweg

Dr. Reckeweg The biological specialities of the prestigious German brand Dr Reckeweg, which Tegor Group distributes in Spain, include a group of homeopathic preparations to be applied for different disorders.
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Tegor Sport

Tegor Sport Tegor Sport Elite is a line of sports nutrition addressed to fulfil the needs of sportsmen both regular and professional, with the purpose of achieving the highest performance of physical exercise.
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Equipment Investigación y Tecnología Tegor develops last generation equipments with the most advanced technology, which allows the beauty professional widening her treatment menu or complete those she already does, thus optimising the results obtained.
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