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All the wisdom of nature combined with the latest and most sophisticated production techniques.

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The mill, one of the brand images of Tegor Group, perfectly symbolises its philosophy, so narrowly bound to Nature. Its sails started to spin in 1993, encouraged by the strength of a series of professional of Natural Medicine, with the eagerness of revitalising and dignifying it. What was not but a beautiful project then, is now a true reality.

The facilities, located in a green valley of Biscay province, very near to the Cantabrian Sea, are found in a strategic enclave regarding communications by land, sea and air. Its more than 8,000 square metres include different production lines:

Grupo Tegor Video
  • Laboratory of medicines based on medicinal plants
  • Laboratory of dietetics and diet supplements
  • Laboratory of Cosmetics
  • Laboratory of homeopathy

The professionalism and wide experience in the field of natural medicine of a part of its staff; the enthusiasm, desire of innovation and application of new technologies by the new generations incorporated, together with an unbreakable faith in the results that natural ingredients of the highest quality can offer, explain that nowadays thousands of professionals worldwide trust on the products manufactured by Tegor Group.

GRUPO TEGOR Pol. Ind. Ugaldeguren 1, 48170 ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya)
tegor@tegor.com | Phone: (+34) 94 454 42 00 | Fax: (+34) 94 454 51 43